Tertiary Impact Crushers

YT series tertiary impact crushers are used in crushing the return of the soft and medium hard materials as a third crushing stage and to obtain high ratio of crushed sand. Due to its specially designed inside geometry they produce much more prcentage of fine product comparing with other impactors. The dimension of final crushed product can be somewhat controlled by mean of the adjustable braking bars. These crusher which are produced in several different sizes are driven by an electrical motor via V-belt and pulley.

* Ease of installation.
* Ease of operation and maintenance.
* High capacity and performance.
* High quality manganese alloyed hammers.
* Easy replacable manganese alloyed breaking bars.
* Easy, fast and safe acces to the inside of the crusher by hydraulically operated door assembly.

Model YT01 YT02 YT03
Capacity [tons/hour] 100 – 150 125 – 200 150 – 250
Rotor Dimensions [mm] Ø1120 X 1000 Ø1120 X 1250 Ø1120 X 1500
Drive Motor [kW] 160 200 250
Weight [kg] 14500 16250 17750
L Dimension [mm] 2600 2600 2600
W Dimension [mm] 1950 2280 2580
H Dimension [mm] 2650 2650 2650

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